Ancient masters used sanguine commonly to render the human form.  When used on a neutral paper, and in conjunction with a lighter shade of chalk or pastel, a wide array of tonal values may be achieved.  It was with this in mind that I began this series.

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Legs in Tactile Acrylic

A great influence of mine when I first began developing myself as an artist was the brilliant Ron Cook (Von Koch) of my native Texas, from whom I learned the fundamentals of this technique that uses light and shadow on a surface with varied relief to represent a more impactful and unique work of art.  I doodled with this technique many years ago in a work of a dancer's legs, and my love of that long-lost piece led me to produce a new series of ten originals.

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the Art of the Sale

The pop art movement that gained substantial traction in the 1960's included such influences as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and James Rosenquist.  Among them all, however, I have been most influenced by the art of Mel Ramos out of Sacramento, California.  My admiration of his advertising-themed tongue-in-cheek paintings has been the largest impetus for my ongoing Art of the Sale series.

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Mixed Media Sculpture

My wife and I have a Halloween party every year and invite all of our friends.  A big part is the costume contest, with prizes for best dressed couple, most macho man, sexiest female, etc.  In order to make it special, I decided to make custom trophies for each category, which in the beginning were relatively simple wire sculptures.  These simple trophies led to my expansion of my techniques, working with welded steel, various guages of wire and hot melt adhesive.  I am now producing life-sized sculptures, and have plans for an entire series of them.

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Watercolor Sketches

My delight in the spontaneity of the watercolor medium made me begin a series of one-sitting watercolor sketches.  Some of them lend themselves to an Anime flair, while others are bordering on surreal representation.  I am certain many more will follow.

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Musical Instrument Art

Music has always been a large part of my life, and the guitar I inherited from my brother after he left home spawned a love for performance as well as auditory appreciation of it.  It was only natural that I wed my love of art with that of music.  My piano, a Connecticut-made Sterling Baby Grand, was a powerful lesson in the level of precision required in the creation or modification of a delicate instrument.  I stripped it down to bare wood, repaired the keys and wires, and restored it myself with a glorious zebra-stripe pattern.  This emboldened me to work on my favorite guitar, and since then I have done several new custom art guitar designs - and have many pending when time permits.

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About me

My art has been produced and sold in Texas, Florida, Jamaica, St. Thomas, Canada and many other places.  My hobbies include making cosplay outfits, writing and performing music, making new and refurbishing old furniture, creative construction projects and design.  I also fancy myself an acceptable chef.

My beautiful wife, Penny, and I live in Palm Beach, Florida -though I originally hail from San Antonio, Texas - with our two "children" (of the four-legged variety) Klaus and Maximus.

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